The right result hinges on how you get there…
Our Project Services will help you achieve the Well Designed Life…

Why would we put such meticulous attention into everything we do? Why would we strive to help people feel comfort and trust through it all? Because we’re passionate about shaping the heart of our clients’ home into just that: a space you can feel good living in. From brainstorm to completion, we offer comprehensive services for creating:

  • Custom-designed Kitchens and Baths—for new construction or remodeled spaces
  • Functional Furniture – Household Storage Solutions for every room in your home such as home offices, entertainment centers & laundry rooms.
  • Custom Closets

From the 100-year-old Victorian to the woodsy cabin to the lakefront condo, we’ve designed solutions for every kind of space. We specialize in matching form with function, so you can enjoy your space’s full potential.







The Discovery Process

Where are you coming from? Where do you want to be? We’ve found a better way to help people find answers—and a better way to make the journey from design to life.

The Difference: Higher standards

It’s a process unlike anything you’ll experience in this region—and likely, far beyond. That’s because of who we are, what we’ve done, and how we’ve trained. That’s because we listen to what you want and what you need. That’s because we help our clients find their perfect balance of form and function.

The Process: Fluid conversation

It’s completely inclusive. What do you need to enjoy your life not just when everything’s done, but during the process of getting there … We make it easier. We’re honest. How much will this really cost? You’ll know right away. We’ll give you options with an up-front cost analysis that will help make decisions easier & clearer. So you can feel good about your project from the get-go.

The People: Relating completely

We’re thorough, and we’re thoroughly here for you. As professionals with 45+ years as a single source suppliers of individually tailored kitchens, baths, functional furniture and closets. As a team that’s hands-on, dependable and really fun to work with. Just ask the people we’ve helped.

The Budget Process

Paramount to The Signature Lindquist Process is our Budget Development Service. Developing a realistic budget for your new kitchen or bath is the single most important step we can help you take towards the successful completion of your project. Whether you are remodeling or building new… we can help you figure out what it will cost BEFORE you embark on your project.Like the ‘itinerary’ for an important trip, a comprehensive budget will guide your way. Most people wouldn’t go on a vacation without budgeting for expenses to be incurred … yet many people dive into home projects without really knowing what it’s going to cost. You’ve heard the comments, “…our project cost way more than we expected” or “…no matter what, expect it to cost at least 20% more”. Those things only happen when a realistic budget was not established in the first place. Our clients don’t worry about those issues as the result of our signature budgeting process.

Project Fees & Retainer

Comprehensive Budget Development: (see the Budget Process above)

Fee: $ 500.00 (non-refundable)

New Construction:

Using your preliminary house plans, we will develop a comprehensive budget detailing material costs for all the materials required to complete your kitchen and/ or bath spaces. We can also provide budgetary worksheets for other areas in your new home, such as furniture built-ins, the laundry, home office, entertainment or fireplace cabinetry, etc. We want to help you get a handle on as many costs in your proposed new home, as possible.

Kitchen or Bath Renovation:

In order to prepare a comprehensive budget for your project, we must collect site information (field measurements, mechanical information, etc). This fee covers the cost of doing so, as well as our time to prepare your budget worksheet.

In both new construction and renovation projects, we take the time to present & carefully explain all the costs in your budget worksheet, and answer your questions. The budget worksheet is yours to take and use however you feel best suits your needs.

Project Retainer: (see Design Services below)

Fee: Based on 5% of the established, agreed upon, budget for your project; and fully applicable towards your project purchase. (See Budget Development above)

This non-refundable fee is essentially a deposit towards your project (a minimum project purchase of cabinetry and countertops is required). Before these items can be purchased, however, a design must be arrived at, selections of styling, wood species, color, trim details & accessories must be made. Appliances must be decided as well, as they will affect the cabinetry design… as do the plumbing fixtures & fittings, hardware, tile and lighting. In a renovation project, windows and doors, molding and construction details must be designed, and construction specifications and comprehensive construction drawings prepared to secure firm pricing from the trade people.

All these details add up to another reason why “single source” is so important. You can count on us to guide you honestly and devotedly through the design & selection process. We’ll never burden you with too many decisions at any given time. After all… We want the same thing you do… a completed space you will feel good living in.

Design Services

Upon retaining us for your project, our Design Service includes:

  • Comprehensive needs analysis
  • Comprehensive site analysis/ field measurements
  • Access to our extensive design & product resource library
  • Comprehensive space study (we don’t stop designing until its right)
  • Product selection consultation for everything from A – Z:
  • Appliances to cabinets to Zhender Towel Radiators!
  • Furniture template /Placement assistance
  • Fully dimensioned and detailed technical drawings (See drawings)
  • Material order placement & tracking system
  • Consultation and analysis of construction issues
  • Consultation with allied professionals, as needed
  • Consultation with trades people, as needed

Project Management Services

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling projects only (other spaces to be negotiated). The Fee is determined by the scope of the project and generally equal to 10% for kitchens and 15% for bathrooms of the total labor and material cost for structural renovation. This non-refundable fee covers the most critical services affecting a successful renovation project. By retaining us, we become the single source of responsibility for your entire project.

Our Project Management Service includes:

  • Staff position devoted to project management
  • Comprehensive written specifications & drawings to identifying all tasks required by trades people for a complete project, to include carpentry, electrical, plumbing & heating, ceramic tile installation, painting/ decorating, and others, as needed.
  • Oversee project cost/ bid process
  • Written project schedule.
  • Pre-construction conference with homeowner & lead carpenter and review of Preconstruction Checklist to establish jobsite protocol
  • Monitor job site preparation / Daily maintenance
  • Co-ordinate & supervise trades people
  • Daily monitoring of job site progress & timely communication with homeowner on project schedule & status
  • Coordinate material deliveries to jobsite
  • Job site inspection of construction details: proper framing of walls, window and door placement, soffits, recessed openings, all mechanical & electrical rough-ins
  • Timely resolution of critical construction/installation issues that may arise.
  • Acting liaison between owner and trades people
  • Quality control / Punch list implementation.
  • Warranty work coordination
  • Provide homeowner project manual
  • Furnish use and care information
  • Single Source Responsibility (one phone call to us addresses all issues)

Project Drawings

  • Construction Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevations (2 pages)
  • Electrical / Mechanical
  • Details


"We are long overdue in telling you how much we love our new kitchen. It has been over six months since we officially moved into the new space and every single day is a joy to be in there. We can’t decide if we love the functionality more, or the sheer beauty. We fight over who gets to cook dinner and then who gets to clean up.

This is not normal!

Working with you from the initial meeting to the final bill (right on budget), was really fun. To be able to work together on a kitchen design that functions so well and looks like “us” was amazing! Bob and Rebecca – your relationship is really great – when the handover happens for the building phase, it is seamless. All of your trades people shared the same enthusiasm for our project as you did. Their work is impeccable and the admiration they have for Lindquist and company is apparent.

So, thank you. For changing the way we live in our space. You guys are awesome!"

Tom and Marsha Hystead Duluth, MN