Q: Does it cost anything to meet with you for a consultation?

No. Here’s how you contact us.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A long time – over 45 years! In fact we are one of the oldest kitchen shops in the country (not to mention the Northland!) Founded as St Charles Kitchens by Contardo in 1963, the name changed to Contardo, Lindquist and Company shortly after Rebecca joined the business in 1985. In 1992 the business became Lindquist and Company after she and husband Bob became the sole owners. We have operated out of the same studio space at 926 East 4th Street in Duluth since 1963 and are very proud of our long tradition of providing quality service and products to Northland homeowners.

Q: What kind of homes do you design for?

Residential homes that are brand new, old, big, small, traditional, contemporary – you name it, we’ve done it. Your needs dictate our design work. When you retain us for your kitchen or bath project… we are working for you and we work hard to design a space that reflects your style and taste, while respecting the architecture of your home and your budget.

Q: Do you just do kitchens and baths?

No – we may be best known for our kitchens and baths; however, as storage experts, we have helped many homeowners to complete custom built-in furniture in every room of the home. We have created dining room hutches, media centers, libraries, home offices and bedroom furniture. If you have a space that requires functional, aesthetically pleasing built-in storage, we would love the opportunity to show you what the solutions might be. Custom designed storage or “functional furniture” is designed to your exact space and storage requirements as opposed to adapting to a “ready made” piece of furniture that may not meet your needs as nicely.

Q. We are thinking about making structural changes to our space. Do we need an architect to design the space?

No. We are well versed in general construction and offer full service design and construction services. We frequently move walls, windows & doors and have even designed small additions in the course of helping our clients arrive at the best design solution for their kitchen or bath project. If we think the construction parameters of your project are beyond our expertise, we will consult with the necessary professionals to be sure your project is designed with integrity.

Q. Can we get ECO-friendly design and products through Lindquist and company?

Absolutely! Environmentally sensitive design has always been a hallmark of the solutions we provide our clients. In fact, we were designing ECO friendly kitchens and baths long before ECO was a buzz word. Sustainability results when excellent design work, quality products and exceptional craftsmanship are combined in your project. These qualities not only pass the test of time … they provide an excellent return on your investment.

As for ECO products – we are committed to helping you choose the right products to meet your needs & budget – whether by function, content, manufacturing process or how they return to the earth at the end of their useful life, we can help you source the right ECO friendly products for your project.

Lastly, when renovating your space, we make an effort to recycle as much of the old, removed product from your space as possible.

Q: Are you more expensive than other design firms in the region?

Our short answer, of course, would be “no”. But don’t take it from us. Read what our clients say about the value of working with us.

Two important considerations: First – kitchens and baths completed at any level are expensive. Per square foot, kitchens are the most expensive room in the house to complete. And bathrooms? Yep – the second most expensive. Many factors drive the cost of your project: the age and structure of your home, your needs and wants, the creative design process as well as the dozens of products required to complete the space, and the skilled craftsmen to install those products. One of the most important services we offer our clients is budget development.

When you choose to work with us, you will know your costs up front, before you commit to a project with us and before you have invested hours, energy and emotion into the design process. We eliminate the uncertainty (& misconception) that your project will cost 10-15-20% more than you planned. With our budgeting process, our clients enjoy projects that cost what they have properly budgeted for.

Q: How can you create a budget for something that hasn’t been designed yet?

Good question! We have a signature process developed to effectively create accurate budget scenarios for our clients. Lots of years of experience, good intuition, a thorough understanding of the business of kitchens and baths, good researching skills and occasionally educated guessing…(Yep…occasionally, we fly by the seat of our pants… but even then, we’re pretty darn good at this budgeting thing!) – all result into a system allowing us to give our clients clear, accurate costs at the beginning of the process. We help clients assess wants and needs, then provide product and design options for achieving their goals. We can even help a client prioritize spending, based on their wants and needs, so you get better results for your investment.

We think this is a proactive approach to one of the most expensive improvements a person can make to their home. But don’t just take our word for it…

Q: Why shouldn’t I do-it-myself?

Because you want it done right, the first time. Because you want the best value for your investment. Because you want more than a just a cabinet vendor or someone who dabbles in kitchens designing the space that is the “heart” of your home! You want less stress in your life, from the beginning to the end of your project. In fact, you want to feel as good as possible about your project—and none of those nagging “wish I would’ve done this differently” thoughts when all is said and done.

If your kitchen is important to you and you want it to function and look its optimal best – whether you are building new or remodeling – hiring us would be the best investment you could make. Completing a kitchen or bath project is a lot like completing a jigsaw puzzle – but without the picture on the box! We have the experience, training and product knowledge … but more importantly, we provide the services to put the pieces of your project puzzle together in the proper sequence to assure you a successful project, on budget.

Q. Why are services so important? Won’t I save money if I just shop for the lowest price on cabinetry?

It’s true that cabinetry is an important and costly element of your project – however, cabinetry and all of the other materials required to complete your kitchen or bath project are largely intangible until they have been designed, selected and installed into a space that meets all your wants and needs. Since you are not going to know how well your kitchen or bath performs for you until it is complete, the people and the process have the single most significant impact on the success and final cost of your project. Following are some of the services that are critical to your project’s success: a needs assessment, budget development, professional assessment of your jobsite, creative design work, consultation to help you select the right products on the right budget, accurate ordering, project documentation, editing, complete project drawings, and eventually project scheduling, and coordination of installation.

Since most people will purchase a new kitchen or bathroom only once in their lifetime, sometimes it’s hard to know what processes are key to a successful project. To help our clients understand the process, we offer three helpful brochures: "You Get What You Pay For", "How to buy a New Kitchen" and "How to buy a New Bathroom".  These brochures are free for the asking. Contact us and we’ll gladly send you one or all to you.

Q: Will our project come in on time and on budget?

The easy answer is “yes.” In fact, 99 percent of the time. Just ask some of the people we’ve worked for. There are times, however, when circumstances beyond our control might cause a delay in a project, such as when “surprise” structural problems are discovered behind a wall or under the floor. In such situations, our project scheduling and solid relationships with expert trades people means the difference between keeping your project on time and budget versus becoming the “nightmare remodel” you hear other homeowners talking about.

Q: Will you be honest? (You know, about the cost, project duration and product quality.)

Yes, yes and yes. OK, so the question isn’t a “frequently asked” one. It’s more likely one you might wonder silently. But take a look at the answers to our questions above. You may notice a trend: we tell you everything that’s involved, up front, and constantly keep you in the loop on every project detail you want to know about. Again, if you don’t believe us, ask these folks.

Q: What is ‘turn-key’ service?

It’s everything you want taken care of, from beginning to end. Like getting help envisioning the space that would best meet your lifestyle. Budgeting for what really matters. Sampling as many options for as many products as you like, and for the most part, without having to take a single trip away from our shop. Obtaining good advice on details you may have never thought of. Getting every aspect of the installation and finish work taken care of. Even receiving daily updates on what’s happening, so you know exactly when you can turn-the-key in your front door and start living the way you envisioned. Turn-key service will only come from a ‘Single Source Company’ like us.

Q: Do you charge a design fee?

Technically, we do not charge a “design fee” because we do not offer design-only services. We are a retail kitchen and bath/design-build specialty company, and our excellent design service is complimentary to clients who have retained us for their projects and have committed to purchasing their project materials through us. (Of course, you will have a full understanding of the benefits of working with us and the cost of your project before we ask for a commitment from you!) Please visit services to learn about our fee structure.

Q: Why should we choose Lindquist and company? What makes you so special, anyway?

Well… it’s not that we think we’re all that special, but we think you are! And for that reason, we’re passionate about our work (which wouldn’t exist without you!) We are committed to the profession of providing our clients with the best possible experience. We’re a full-service firm with more design & product experience, more professional training in kitchens and baths and more design awards than anyone else in this region. Plus, we’re fun to work with! Ask these folks. When you consider the incredible number of details we manage for our clients – in both project design services and project management services – you begin to see the value of single source responsibility. It’s just one more component of what we do that makes us a great company to work with!

Q: There sure are a lot of accronyms. What do they all mean?

The Kitchen and Bath Industry loves acronyms. Here’s a quick guide to help you decipher the most important ones:

CMKBD – Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer

CKD – Certified Kitchen Designer

CBD – Certified Bath Designer

AKBD – Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer

CAD – Computer-Aided Drafting

NKBA – National Kitchen and Bath Association. The NKBA was the First professional organization for the industry and continues, to this day, to serve as the governing body for the various levels of accreditation. Lindquist & Company is proud to be the only showroom in the Northland offering the services of a CMKBD, A CKD, a CBD and an AKBD.



"After being involved with a number of remodeling projects [with other companies] we must tell you how Rebecca’s professionalism and attention to detail and thoughtfulness were appreciated. With our bathroom remodeling, she was able to put all of our wants into a small space, with creativity and great attention to detail. In addition to being great to work with, there were no surprises. We would definitely recommend Lindquist and Company!"

Julie Staver & Bill Pepelnjak, Lake Eshquagama Gilbert MN