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If you’ve been dreaming of updating your kitchen or bath, or are building a new home, talk to us about our Design 2 Life Signature Lindquist Process. It’s a process that exceeds expectations, and encompasses the whole experience: From the first stages of design to the joyous outcome of using your space for life as you like it.

If you’re ready, contact us and your new kitchen or bath may just be one of our Featured Projects.



"In retrospect, how often do you wish you’d done something differently? Thrillingly, the opposite holds true in having employed Lindquist and Company to design and manage our home’s complete makeover! I would do exactly that again – over and over. Having several years considered and planned an enormous renovation, I’d visited Lindquist projects in the area. Therefore, I knew I’d get a good result, but I truly didn’t expect such a great one.

We’ve been in our ‘new’ house nearly a year now, so this review is not simply a rosy first impression. Everything continues to work beautifully! Elegant, clever, and innovative design and installation solutions are Lindquist’s norm, which I appreciate on a daily basis. Beyond that, however, lies a crucial fact: Lindquist was perhaps at its best when things didn’t go perfectly – an inevitability in such a complex overhaul. Their integrity and trustworthiness was exemplary.

Finally, many are tempted to skip the design process, thinking they’ll save money by not hiring a professional designer. A quote from a dear friend who renovated on her own, without a designer/manager’s services: “When I got the initial quote from Lindquist, I thought I could do just as well for less money on my own. Unfortunately, my project wound up taking longer, and costing MORE than if I’d signed on with Lindquist in the first place!”

The thoughtful expertise, professionalism, commitment, craftsmanship, and perfect personalities in all staff involved was uniformly extraordinary. I am so glad I trusted them with this once-in-a-lifetime project!!"

Tom and Jane Kingston Eveleth, MN

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