Remodeling Projects

Carla Brink & Paul Ranelli, Duluth, MN

We love our new house! Even though only the kitchen and dining room were remodeled (plus some updates in the downstairs family room), it completely changed the way we live in our house, making it all feel new and more functional. I put off doing anything with our kitchen for a long time because I was afraid of run-away costs, especially since much of the house beyond the kitchen gut job needed a face lift and I didn’t know how to start and where to stop. The planning process that Rebecca uses provided us with realistic cost estimates up front, and that early planning guided the design. It was fun to see how discussions of what was important to us (“But where will we all frost Christmas cookies together?”) were incorporated into the next iteration of the design. One of the best things we did was the bump out in the dining room…that extra 12 square feet or so with the built-in buffet ties the entire space together. Plus the storage space is amazing!

I work out of a home office, and surprisingly the construction activity had little effect on my work. The team of trades people that Rebecca used was excellent, and they soon felt like friends. Bob as the project manager kept us informed of the project status, and any questions were addressed right away. It’s been about a year since we moved back into our new kitchen, and I still marvel at how nice it is...and how it feels like "us." I’d do it all over again, and I'd definitely do it with Rebecca and Lindquist and Company.

Dave & Jovita Jondahl, Duluth, MN

We couldn't be more pleased with how our kitchen turned out!  Bob, Rebecca and all the workers were top notch professionals.  Every job was done on time, and with great attention to detail.  The whole project went very smoothly without worry or stress on our end.  It was as good as it gets.  The kitchen is not only quite beautiful, but also a joy to experience everyday.  We feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful company improve our home.  Best of luck to Lindquist & Company!

Esther Derby & Jeff Lee, Duluth, MN

We loved working with Lindquist & Company!  Rebecca has a great design sense, and got the most out of our space.  Lindquist & Company understand project management, they communicate well, and they have a great crafts people.  I also appreciated their design and budget process.  We had choices, but not too many choices.  Rebecca was really helpful in looking at our style and lifestyle and making suggestions.  Our kitchen remodel has truly transformed the social space of our home.

Sara Carlson, Duluth, MN

It was great working with Lindquist & Company on my kitchen & bath renovation.  The owners and staff are all very professional from start to finish.  They paid attention to details, advised & collaborated to achieve the best possible results.  We stayed within my original budget amount that I was comfortable with.  I got high quality products & polished looking results.  I would highly recommend them to family, friends & co-workers.

Aimee & Jeff Van Straaten, Duluth, MN

The Lindquist team made our kitchen remodel as low stress as possible. Rebecca helped us make decisions easily by narrowing down options and making knowledge based recommendations. She listened to our ideas and helped incorporate our ideas into the kitchen. Her years of experience really show in our final project! It is above and beyond our expectations! She even came over to help organize our shelves and drawers for the best work flow.

Gordy & Patti Harvieux, Duluth, MN

Lindquist & Co. delivers! It’s that simple. We feel uniquely qualified (and fortunate!) to review their work because they have done five major projects for us in two different houses over the course of seventeen years.

First and foremost, Rebecca’s process of design enables her to gain insight and understanding of our needs and wishes. She meshes that list with the reality of budget considerations when choosing materials and then works endlessly to deliver a beautiful, functional design. But it doesn’t end there, and THIS is the key for any major renovation project. You need a highly skilled, trustworthy and creative team of tradesmen on your side to execute the design, and Lindquist & Co. has that! When those walls start coming down, the truth about your home’s construction and any previous remodeling hacks are revealed. It’s extremely important to address any issues while everything is open, and often it involves some very creative thinking and problem solving. We have the utmost confidence and trust that everything is completed to the highest and safest standard with Rebecca’s team.

Seventeen years ago, Rebecca’s design for the kitchen of our 1910 craftsman house blew our minds. Her team of skilled tradesmen navigated that HUGE gut-to-the-studs project with precision and sensitivity amongst our young family including a toddler and an infant. They were all back a few years later to take on the main bathroom, and later the master bath/sunroom. The renovations really brought the house to another level because they enabled a better kind of functionality for modern living while stylistically every visual aspect matched that of a home built in 1910.

Fast forward to 2015, into a “new” house. To make a long story short, Rebecca and the very same team of tradesmen who worked on our previous home have just completed transforming the kitchen and main bathroom of our new dream home. And oh, did they deliver!

With our toddler and infant now both grown and away at college, Rebecca understood we are at a different place in our lives. Her design considerations encompassed our new lifestyle and took full advantage of our incredible view. While every new visitor to our home enters eyes locked on the unbeatable draw of Lake Superior out our back windows, they eventually turn around and their jaws drop as their gaze draws in the view of our new kitchen. It’s modern in all its style and convenience, but it looks like its always been here.

It made perfect sense to re-do the main bathroom directly above the kitchen at the same time. And by perfect sense, we do mean that since we had Rebecca and her team on hand, it was the perfect time to fix and address as much as we could reasonably do while we had them with us this summer. It comes down to this team, their thoroughness, their timeliness and our trust that they would deliver the absolute best outcome. And they did.

Sally Bradt & Blaze Zenner, Duluth, MN

We dreaded the thought of a kitchen renovation - so many decisions to make about materials and styles, plus the horror stories from friends about the mess, inconvenience, and problems with contractors and vendors. We put it off for years, even though the 1980's cabinets and counter tops in our kitchen were well past their expiration date. If only we had known about Lindquist and Company earlier!

Beginning with her initial analysis of our needs, through budget setting and material selection, Rebecca walked us through each step of the process. She provided the information and choices in such a clear progression, that before we knew it, we had set a budget and made all of our major decisions - cabinets, counter tops, flooring, appliances, lighting, tile, sink, faucet, hardware, paint - and it was actually fun!

When the construction started, Robert took over and kept the process running smoothly. The trades people selected for our project were professional, polite, considerate, and meticulous, and their workmanship was outstanding. A defined schedule and regular updates kept us apprised of the progress, and the project was finished in time for us to truly enjoy a family wedding weekend.

"Attention to detail" is the mantra for Rebecca and everyone who worked on our kitchen. Every day that we use our new kitchen, we are more impressed with the quality of the materials, the workmanship, and the design. We now have a beautiful and functional kitchen that matches our lifestyle and enhances the rest of our home.

Walt & Jannifer Benko, Cloquet, MN

After years of living with a dysfunctional kitchen, we chose Lindquist & Company to do our renovation. We're so glad we did!
Rebecca designs several different layouts along with different budgets to mix, match and choose. All the designs were great and we had fun picking and choosing what we liked best from each category. Such a unique way of customizing our project and keeping us within our budget.
We chose to do our own demolition, construction and carpentry work. Rebecca and her staff were always available to us whenever we encountered any issues along the way. We were amazed at her attention to detail.
The design we chose completely changed 3 areas of our main floor. We now have a beautiful, functional, and welcoming kitchen that is perfect for our everyday lives and for entertaining. We have the open floor plan that we wanted and a panty I always dreamed about!
Lindquist & Company exceeded our expectations and we would definitely recommend Rebecca, Bob and their staff for ANY interior project.

Paul & Marsha Lee, Duluth, MN

We wanted someone to give us guidance, planning and quality work in doing our bathroom remodel. The process of choosing products, seeing what would really work and maximize our space were items that were important as well as quality work. The project had a few challenges but the excellent cooperation between the project coordinator and contractors helped it all come together. All of the staff at Lindquist and Company and the contractors did an excellent job.

Jared & Leslie Broadway, Duluth, MN

My wife and I have no idea how the process of kitchen renovation would play out. It was obvious that we made the right choice upon our first meeting with Rebecca. The entire process was seamless and the finished product … phenomenal. We will use Lindquist & Company in future projects.

Sharon Murphy, Duluth, MN

My project space was small but I never felt less than full attention from Lindquist & Company’s and subcontractors.

There was always progress and any issues were immediately addressed. Subs were courteous, responsive, cleaned up thoroughly each day and did extraordinary work.

The end result was greater and better than I’d imagined.

Dan & Sandy Courneya, Side Lake, MN

We are very happy with the work of Lindquist & Company on the complete remodel and add-on of our new kitchen, mudroom, and entryway. The design of our new space is perfect. One of our favorite suggestions was to put a sink on the island. The color coordination is outstanding as well. Our new laundry room in the basement turned out beautiful as well! We would definitely recommend this company! Super job and friendly people

Linda & Jim Couture, Hermantown, MN

We are enjoying our new kitchen so much – even after a few months, we still smile when we spend time in it! Even though this was probably a pretty small project for [Lindquist & Company], it was HUGE in the difference it has made in our home!

We cannot thank [Lindquist & Company] enough for the creativity and common sense [their] team brought to our “challenge” of making our small, very outdated kitchen something we enjoy spending time in and keeping it compatible with the character of the house itself.

Thank you for your patience and expert guidance!

Scott & Dana Varland, Duluth, MN

First of all, thank you! What an incredible opportunity to work with you all! From our initial meeting to the final photo shoot, your professionalism, expertise, follow-through, courtesy and class were a delight to behold. You listened and were open to our ideals while sharing your experience and expertise to ensure that every detail of our kitchen and mud-room project was done perfectly! From the selection of our backsplash to the faucets, flooring and feeling of the space, you helped us create a space that we LOVE. You tackled our large-scope project t with ease, ensuring our home’s structural and architectural integrity. Thank you!

Finally, of great importance is that the craftsmen you employ are only the best and we couldn’t have asked for a more skilled, respectful, caring and detail-oriented crew.

How fabulous to have a kitchen that has become our home’s gathering space. The functionality is spot-on and it is a beautiful place to cook and to “be.”

Rick & Carol Cleath, Duluth, MN

We needed to install a master bedroom closet and wanted to work with a local company from Duluth. We found Lindquist & Company when driving through the city and stopped by. Our representative was very helpful, offered some suggestions and alternatives, completed a site visit and … put together a design for our new closet.

The closet is well constructed and attractive. The installation was very professional and the carpenter very experienced. The work was completed in a timely manner. We would recommend Lindquist & Company to others looking to support a quality local company.

Judy Blanck, Duluth, MN

Hardly a day passes that we don’t feel appreciative for the gift of your help in designing our kitchen, from the morning coffee and paper at the counter to the sharing of food with friends in the evening. It works so well. Your ability to truly hear our needs and desires and put them into the design really made the difference.

While I had a general idea of the changes I wanted in my kitchen, your ability to understand my needs and fine tune the details of the kitchen has created a unique and totally functional kitchen for gathering of friends and family.

We are so glad we had the gift of your creativity as well.

David & Fiona McNaney, Duluth, MN

Thank you all for the wonderful job you did on our home. We now lived with our beautiful new master suite, remodeled family bathroom and sunroom for a while. We appreciate your work even more as time goes by. Throughout, inside and out, the uniquely tasteful design along with quality workmanship and materials is evident.

Rebecca … listened, guided and organized expertly with tireless attention to the details of design that uniquely suited our home. [Her] professionalism, creativity and personal attention were very much appreciated …

As project manager, [Bob] carefully coordinated and communicated with the various workmen, guiding us through, letting us know exactly what would happen each day. This kept everything turning smoothly and was truly appreciated. It gave us real peace of mind, and obviously played a huge part in the overall success of the project.

The construction and carpentry workmen put in an astounding amount of effort to be done within our time frame so we would not be left without a bathroom. Their carpentry skills were extraordinary and added much to the timeless elegance of the finished project.

The outstanding professionalism of the various workmen and their extraordinary efforts to work around us and our pets in the home were very much appreciated.

Our new spaces are beautiful and blend perfectly with our existing home – what a hugely skillful team! Thank you – so much!

Linda Peplinski, Duluth, MN

I hired Lindquist and Company to design and provide the cabinets and countertops for the gut-renovation of my 1922-era kitchen and bathroom. Their experience, taste and technical abilities resulted in rooms that I enjoy and appreciate every time I enter them two years after completion of the project.

Despite my project being a modest one and the fact that I hired others to execute the work, Lindquist and Company treated the project with the same great attention to detail and time devoted to eliciting my needs and wants that they do to much larger projects. There does not seem to be any particular “look” to a Lindquist and Company project. They ask questions up front, listen and guide you in the many directions you can go.

The designers were ever mindful of my budget, helped direct me to spending where I would get the most value and were respectful of my choices. They have even developed a budget process that keeps the costs of individual parts of the project in front of you as you make decisions to add, upgrade or drop. There is no shame in the word budget to them; they encourage it for the sake of more knowledgeable and satisfied clients.

I know I got long-lasting value in the renovated rooms that are functional, beautiful and give me great joy to be in. I can’t say enough about the professionalism with which the Company approaches their work, yet feel a warm, personal connection with them. The designers went above and beyond the scope of my contract, advising me on everything from hardware finishes to appliance choices when asked. They were the key factor in the success of my project.

Bob & Gail Toftey, Duluth, MN

On our ‘old’ kitchen bulletin board was this favorite quote from James Baker, “Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” How appropriate as we think about our kitchen remodel project. Every step of the process was treated with the highest level of professionalism.

It began with the ‘discovery’ phase as Rebecca Lindquist determined how her plans should move forward in order to satisfy our needs. We met several times to work out details and after much ‘prior preparation’ the job began. Again, the team involved was exceptional.

In the end we have a kitchen space we love to both look at and work in. It was completed on schedule, in budget and the entire process was pleasant and very manageable despite having our ‘heart of home; under construction. A standing ovation to the entire Lindquist team for their Superior Performance.

Susan Olson, Duluth, MN

Excellent company to work with, start to finish. No surprises along the way. All people working on the jobsite very polite and professional. Quality of work is outstanding.

Jack and Sharon Kemp, Duluth, MN

A home office was our third project with them. They listen carefully for what is desired and work in a timely and efficient way to accomplish these goals. Their craftsmen are skilled, pleasant, and neat!

Tom and Jane Kingston, Eveleth, MN

In retrospect, how often do you wish you’d done something differently? Thrillingly, the opposite holds true in having employed Lindquist and Company to design and manage our home’s complete makeover! I would do exactly that again – over and over. Having several years considered and planned an enormous renovation, I’d visited Lindquist projects in the area. Therefore, I knew I’d get a good result, but I truly didn’t expect such a great one.

We’ve been in our ‘new’ house nearly a year now, so this review is not simply a rosy first impression. Everything continues to work beautifully! Elegant, clever, and innovative design and installation solutions are Lindquist’s norm, which I appreciate on a daily basis. Beyond that, however, lies a crucial fact: Lindquist was perhaps at its best when things didn’t go perfectly – an inevitability in such a complex overhaul. Their integrity and trustworthiness was exemplary.

Finally, many are tempted to skip the design process, thinking they’ll save money by not hiring a professional designer. A quote from a dear friend who renovated on her own, without a designer/manager’s services: “When I got the initial quote from Lindquist, I thought I could do just as well for less money on my own. Unfortunately, my project wound up taking longer, and costing MORE than if I’d signed on with Lindquist in the first place!”

The thoughtful expertise, professionalism, commitment, craftsmanship, and perfect personalities in all staff involved was uniformly extraordinary. I am so glad I trusted them with this once-in-a-lifetime project!!

Butch and Amy Kuronen, Duluth, MN

Rebecca Lindquist and her team did a fantastic job completely renovating the 1970’s kitchen of our classic 1916 home. They also converted a dark, poorly functioning eat-in area into a powder room and a bright, family-friendly storage space. After carefully listening to all of our “wants,” Rebecca provided straight-forward and detailed information regarding the various options, and she guided us in aligning our priorities with our budget. Rebecca then designed a beautiful, timeless space, and her team executed the plans with top quality craftsmanship. The kitchen is now perfect for our home and for us!

Todd and Kristen Woodhull, Duluth, MN

I found working with Lindquist & Co. to be an all-around fabulous experience! They came up with an idea for our kitchen incorporating an island, which is our new “go-to” favorite space. I would have never re-designed our current layout with an island. The flow is a 100 percent improvement from the original design. The new cabinets are top notch, and from the floor to ceiling changes, it all came together marvelously. We even added a large built-in cabinet during our budget meeting and this was included within our parameters. I appreciate how they narrowed down our options, and the choices were very reflective of our taste. Communication was great throughout the kitchen renovation. We even had a last minute change in our cabinet selection at the time to place the order and they handled this with grace and understanding. I look forward to doing business with Lindquist & Co. again in the future!

Brian and Noelle Niskanen, Mora, MN

Our experience with Lindquist and Company was excellent! They were extremely detailed, very knowledgeable and helped us at each step in the project. We were from out of town and they took care of many things for us to keep the project moving along in a timely fashion.

Finally, this company’s design expertise and attention to detail is second to none. We believe Lindquist and Company went above and beyond in our project and would utilize their services again, should the need arise.

Finally, we met our deadline and are extremely pleased with the end result.

Eric and Jessica Lavan, Cloquet, MN

Our bathroom remodel was as painless as remodeling can be. Everything happened in a timely manner and on budget! We appreciated not having to clean after the workers left for the day. Everyone was personable and pleasant to work with. Our new bathroom is not only functionally better, it is beautiful!

Karla Miner, Duluth, MN

I am totally satisfied with my new kitchen…the way Bob stayed on top of the progress and the extremely professional attitude of the crew made a large project much more enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoy cooking in my new space. It does not matter if I am cooking for 2 or 40 – the [new] kitchen is much more functional and user friendly, thanks to Rebecca’s attention to detail and wonderful creativity in the design.

I would highly recommend [Lindquist and company] to anyone who is doing a project. You all did a wonderful job and now I can sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labor! Thanks again!

Jan Keough and Glenn Guntenspergen, Duluth, MN

This note is to let you know how pleased we are with our bathroom project… the Lindquist ‘journey’ was both educational and helpful. Development of our project took into consideration our functional and design requirements. Your design process drew from us our preferences (that we didn’t realize in the beginning!) and gave us confidence that every detail had been covered.

The new space is beautiful and highly functional… and blends in well with the rest of our home. The detailed options of materials and costs allowed us to make informed decisions that kept the project within our target [budget] … There were no surprises!

Once the work began, you kept us well-informed at each step. We were impressed with the work by all the trades people. The work site was clean and orderly each evening. Once the project got started, it rolled along and was completed on time.

Thanks for working with us and helping us implement an important upgrade to our home.

Tom and Marsha Hystead, Duluth, MN

We are long overdue in telling you how much we love our new kitchen. It has been over six months since we officially moved into the new space and every single day is a joy to be in there. We can’t decide if we love the functionality more, or the sheer beauty. We fight over who gets to cook dinner and then who gets to clean up.

This is not normal!

Working with you from the initial meeting to the final bill (right on budget), was really fun. To be able to work together on a kitchen design that functions so well and looks like “us” was amazing! Bob and Rebecca – your relationship is really great – when the handover happens for the building phase, it is seamless. All of your trades people shared the same enthusiasm for our project as you did. Their work is impeccable and the admiration they have for Lindquist and company is apparent.

So, thank you. For changing the way we live in our space. You guys are awesome!

Jack and Sharon Kemp, Duluth, MN

This was the 3rd kitchen remodel we have been through… [we] have to say that working with Lindquist and company was one of the most pleasant experiences possible! From the beginning, we appreciated how carefully [you] listened to our wishes and needs, the way you presented different budget proposals to accommodate what we wanted to do and patiently worked through the choices available at each level. This process allowed us to stay within our budget. And the result … A kitchen that gives us a nice balance of preferred simplicity with some eye-popping features that make it both unique and ours!

We were impressed with the quality of the work at every stage of the process. All who worked on the project were extremely skilled and they were careful to see that everything was safe and clean when they were done for the day. The co-ordination of workers and products was phenomenal … [you] were always available to answer our questions. We also appreciated that removed products were recycled as much as possible … we believe we have received good value for the time and money that we invested and would not hesitate to recommend Lindquist and company!

Lee and Julie Harris, Cloquet, MN

We are very happy with our kitchen remodel. Rebecca [created] several designs for us to choose from… the kitchen is beautiful! [You] were very easy to work with, always willing to listen to our ideas and incorporate them into the design. Your attention to detail is incredible and [you] took care of things we never would have thought of. The carpenters were fantastic craftsmen. They always showed up as planned, worked hard, resolved any problems that arose, and left our home clean every day. We miss visiting with them, now that our project is complete!

Rondi Erickson and Sandy Lewis, Duluth, MN

As we begin the New Year we look back on the past year and its successes and challenges… Thanks to you our new kitchen remodel is high on the success list!

Rebecca … the design is so perfect. We still don’t know quite how you did it. The look fits the house; the flow makes both daily living and entertaining an easy pleasure; the quality of the appliances makes them a joy to use.

Bob … thanks to you we happily tell people the work was done on time and on budget. From the reaction we get from people … that is a rare accomplishment in kitchen projects!

The Lindquist team is extraordinary! Our only regret is that we didn’t do this project sooner. Thank you!

Susan Hawkinson, Grand Rapids, MN

I am very pleased with my new kitchen and bath remodel. Everything went along “swimmingly”… I was very pleased with your attention to detail, that you stayed “on task” and with the friendliness and nice manner all of you have at [Lindquist and company]. You may certainly use me as a reference… everyone I’ve talked to who has worked with you as been exceptionally pleased… you can add me to that list! Thank you for all the good help!

Charlie and Peg Bertel, Duluth, MN

Thank you for your excellent work on our master bath remodel. It turned out beautifully. Throughout the process your patience and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. You were able to listen and give us time during the planning process to collect our thoughts and develop a functional yet timeless plan. We were kept well informed during the construction process… We now have two Lindquist projects in [our home}… a kitchen remodel completed 18 years ago and now a new master bath. Both are extremely functional and blend nicely [with] our home. We would highly recommend Lindquist and company!

Carole and Gary Turner, Sunshine Lake, Duluth, MN

I always feel a little sadness when our [projects] are over. Gone is the fun in planning, the excitement of building, and the final stages of seeing a vision become a reality! We are so pleased with how everything turned out… It was a delight working with you… you made planning such an easy process and handled the husband/wife issues with great finesse! With Bob there… we never had to wonder about who was coming, when they were coming or why they were coming. Everything worked so smoothly that we never felt worried about anything… the great care and detail that goes into each project is always very impressive… Gary and I feel very privileged to have been able to have you design our kitchen… Thank you for all of your time and the great consideration you gave us.

Julie Staver & Bill Pepelnjak, Lake Eshquagama, Gilbert MN

After being involved with a number of remodeling projects [with other companies] we must tell you how Rebecca’s professionalism and attention to detail and thoughtfulness were appreciated. With our bathroom remodeling, she was able to put all of our wants into a small space, with creativity and great attention to detail. In addition to being great to work with, there were no surprises. We would definitely recommend Lindquist and Company!

Rick and Lisa Revoir, Duluth, MN

Thank you so much for completing our three projects – kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel & 1st floor bath addition. …we want to tell you that we greatly appreciate all your work. We would not change a thing! We appreciate your detailed planning. …We feel that we had the best craftsman from each trade on our project…they were truly exceptional. Our kitchen and baths are an excellent investment in our home. Thanks also for completing our project on time and on budget!

Jay and Cindy Butcher, Duluth, MN

Kitchen remodeling is never fun ~ it’s messy ~ disrupts your lives and seems to take forever…. However, Lindquist and company made it about as fun and pain-free as we can possibly imagine! Rebecca really listened to our ideas and came up with a design that suits our needs. Once construction started, Bob took care of everything and was with us every step of the way. The craftsmen were superb and worked around our schedules, dogs, etc. The end result is fantastic! Thank you!

Chuck and Doris Mehlberg, Duluth, MN

Your company earned our utmost respect and trust during this kitchen and bath remodel project. The fabulous design – beautiful appearance and functionality – reflect Rebecca’s extensive depth of knowledge of design. All of those involved displayed the attitude that there were no unsolvable problems. Chuck and I believe that this remodeling was a very good value for the cost.

Todd and Donna Roth, Hibbing, MN

Rebecca, Bob and staff are consummate professionals. Being newcomers to Hibbing, we know we could not have gotten our kitchen-remodeling project done so expertly in such a short time with any other company. It makes all the difference to have a kitchen that is designed for efficiency and beauty. This was the first remodeling project we have done and it couldn’t have gone more smoothly – something we directly attribute to Lindquist & Co’s thoroughness in design, budgeting and contracting. We are very pleased!

Jon and Sue Rudberg, Hibbing, MN

We are enjoying our new spaces so much that [we] hate to leave, even on vacation… Thanks, again, for all of your thoughtfulness and professionalism. Wish we could do it again!

Gordy & Patty Harvieux, Duluth, MN

Thank you so much for the new kitchen! …as promised your craftsmen provided the highest quality of work and impressive dedication…(and) they were always considerate of our family around them. Thank you all for your hard work – from start to finish.

Clark and Ann Olsen, Washburn, WI

We couldn’t be more pleased with our new kitchen. I can’t think of a single thing I would change…our installer was very impressed with your professionalism. He said he had never worked on a project that had gone so smoothly…he also said your plans were excellent.

Mark and Bonnie Matuseski, Duluth, MN

When people compliment us on our kitchen or family room, I immediately give praise and thanks to Lindquist & Company. Hallmarks of their work include: innovative design, space utilization and attention to detail. It is always a pleasure to work with Lindquist & Co…We wouldn’t consider anyone else. Their work is impeccable.

Pete and Trish Lilliberg, Duluth, MN

The evaluation you did on how we used our kitchen was very helpful in making our kitchen extremely functional….your expertise not only provided us with a lovely kitchen, but also created a cost effective project for us.

New Construction Projects

Larry and Jeannette Mismash, Lake Eshquagama, Gilbert, MN

We will never be able to thank you enough for all of your hours of hard work, the meetings, the follow up and the overall conscientious effort you [have] put forth… Our new home has turned out to be a paradise of everything we ever dreamed of and we owe so much of it to you. From the expertise of Rebecca and her help in the design of [our home] – to the drawing and work Jenny did – and the expert follow up Bob provided … gave us a complete feeling of having made the correct decision in working with you… In looking back, we now realize completely the value of your services and we will always be grateful to you all for a job well done!

John and Karen Nichols, Two Harbors, MN

We were initially reluctant to use [your] services because we did not understand what value you would provide, and what the actual cost would be. Now having been through the experience of building a house, [we] can say it was one of the best decisions we made…

Tina Sell was wonderful to work with – the kitchen design [and bathroom design] she created for us are functional, beautiful and fit our lifestyle. Having done the research on our lifestyle and knowing our budget, [she] was able to provide us with choices that she thought would fit us… The detailed research she did on how we use our space and the design options… were creative and practical. Tina is a real professional.

The kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances we purchased through Lindquist are of excellent quality… the whole process of design and installation went smoothly. Tina kept us on track and worked well with our contractor…

Overall, we had a great experience with Lindquist and would recommend them to others!

Woody and Linda Peterson, Washburn, WI

To Rebecca, Bob and the whole staff: Every aspect that you worked on in our new home project was excellent! Your professionalism, creativity, organization, attention to detail, quality of finished product … all exceeded our expectations! You are wonderful to work with… very responsive & consistent. If we had another project, we would definitely work with [Lindquist and company] again, and we can highly recommend them! Thank you so much!

Marcia Hermann Johnson & Steve Johnson, Knife River, MN

Being a first time home builder, we were overwhelmed with the choices & options we faced. We appreciated [your] listening skills, ability to “takeover” and create the end product. We were often impressed with service provided, professionalism & kindnesses extended by all of you. Thank you! We love our new house, great spaces and functional finished product.

Chris and Jerry Hoel, Eveleth, MN

Jerry says that no matter how tired and weary he is with our new house project, after a visit with you he feels energized and ready to tackle, once again, the enormous task before him…We respect your intelligence, ideas and your guidance. I remember you had said you would [guide us] as our project progressed, and you are true to your word! Once again, thank you…

Bob and Marlene Stephenson, Gilbert, MN

As a water color artist I was concerned on co-coordinating the flow [in our new home] between the great room, kitchen, computer area and my art studio. Rebecca did what we couldn’t and created exactly what we wanted.

Our favorite part of the kitchen design is the beautiful hutch – created to look like a free standing piece of furniture, but very usable for storage and everyday use. The master bathroom design is a dream with the wonderful bathroom cabinetry, the lighting, the deck around the spa/tub, the separate height vanities and the fabulous walk-in shower.

Ken and Melissa Farrell, Duluth, MN

Our new home turned out to be exactly what we dreamed of – thanks to [Lindquist and Company]. You thought of things that most people don’t know they want until after they are living without it! We will never need to change anything, because you made everything just perfect for us! Thank you so much!! We really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all of your time, effort, and patience…. We are completely satisfied with Lindquist and Company’s professionalism, dedication and meticulous attention to detail.

Mark and Mary Dell Carlson, Duluth, MN

I must say that the efficient and pleasant manner with which the entire staff handled our [new home] project made it a pleasure from beginning to end. Every concern and inquiry was dealt with promptly. I would recommend Lindquist & Co. to anyone.

Dan and Darlene Holte, Sturgeon Lake, MN

We are very impressed with your company, [you] deliver! We worked with Rebecca to create a very functional kitchen design, [three] bathrooms, [and] laundry room with special space requirements. Her creativity and overview of our entire new home project helped us avoid costly mistakes throughout the entire plan. …we highly recommend Lindquist & Company…

Paul and Carol Knuti, Embarrass, MN

The professionalism displayed by the staff was greatly appreciated. It was very easy to work with Rebecca and Bob. Whenever we had a question, it was quickly answered; and whenever we had a worry, it was quickly relieved.